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Kathy Wright
Seattle, USA

Djati Adi Wicaksono
Jakarta, Indonesia

Cathy Dee

Kallen L. says: For many years I was limited to print media design. With the training I received at WOW Academy I was able to expand my abilities and build professional Web interfaces. Thank you WOW Academy for showing me that there really is a difference between a Webmaster and a Web Professional.

Bob S. says: I have earned two Masters degrees, taken many job- and boating-related courses, and studied C++ programming on my own for a while - but I can't recall ever having as much fun as I'm having with this course. It is well organized; the tasks are a bite at a time, rather than trying to eat the whole elephant; the exercises are interesting, challenging and fun; the instructor is readily available in several ways to answer questions; and the site administrators are on the ball. There really isn't anything I'd want changed.

Shawn J. says: I signed up for 4 courses to get the 20% off. I was nervous what I would do if I didn't learn anything. This is no longer a concern of mine! I especially liked that I already have a good grip on these topics and I was still able to learn alot. The information that was provided to me was the information that I didn't know, that I was hoping to learn. Thank you for making it so easy to learn webmastering. I started out wanting to make a site for my family's business and now I want to do it on a professional level. The schools in my area don't even come close to offering what I've found at wowacademy.com.

Phil D. says: I would like you all to know what has happened to me as a result of your classes. Before I finished the courses, I formed a company (1 person) called Internet Design. I knew my web skills were not yet good enough to solicit web work so I started going to residential homes and parking lots and handing out flyers that I made for my system repair and upgrade work. I landed a few little residential jobs here and there but nothing really great. So i decided to start going to office buildings in my area to solicit system repair, upgrades, and network design and repair. I only went to the larger offices with receptionists out front, but met with rejection everywhere. So I slowed down on the soliciting and refocused on learning more. Then, out of nowhere, a man called from a big company and wanted to hire me for a few hours to check out my skills.

I went there one Monday morning and worked for 4 hours, and then didn't hear from for a while. I figured I didn't have the skills they needed. Then they called after a few weeks and contracted with me for 24 hours per week to work with them on an AS400 system upgrade and PC upgrade. They have 4 AS400's and about 500 PC's.

So there I am working on all this stuff with them and they kept asking me if i have any formal IT education or certifications. After they asked about 3 times, I showed them my transcripts from your company. Then one day I was sitting there putting a tape drive on one of the AS400's and a man asked to speak with me in his office. It turns out he is the CIO and they are working on several web-based projects, everything from their site to many intranet database sites, and using very cool new technology. They are partitioning off parts of the AS400's as web servers without using websphere. So now I do the same contract work and also do just as much web work. And working at home too! Now they are buying these courses you sold to me. They have me working with a RPG programmer who is showing me how to interface the AS400 with web based programming.

All I can say is thanks a lot!

JaNell S. says: Whenever I had a problem I found exactly what I need to know in the frequently asked questions. (I wish I would have looked there sooner instead of driving myself crazy!) Also the exercises helped me learn as I went along and practice what I was learning. I really enjoy this type of learning.

Robert J. says: I'll probably get at least two certifications from you, and would certainly recommend you.

Thomas M. says: I am in the process of investigating on-line web design courses. I ran across yours about 2 months ago and asked a lot of questions. Robin Preston Wright responded quickly, very informatively and was very pleasant to deal with. Making a decision to do something like this on-line is a bit risky, even at your reasonable prices, as there are a lot of non-ethical web design programs out there. I have decided to take some of your courses due to the exceptional service.

Jennifer K. says: I am continually impressed with how this course is set up. Very easy to understand and the exercises keep integrating all the lessons. Repetition is exactly what is needed to master HTML and it is provided well in the exercises without becoming boring. By the time I got to the last few exercises, I was completing them without having to refer to my lessons, and really understood what I was doing, and more importantly, why and for what result. Thanks!!

Rachel P. says: Just want to let any aspiring web designers, or just those wanting to learn something about HTML and other Internet goodies, about WOW Academy. After designing a website with Frontpage (I didn't know any HTML at the time!) I decided to learn more about web design. A search brought me to WOW Academy, and I signed up for six of their courses. The price was right, and I liked their web site. I have to say, the courses are worth every penny and more. You get hands-on training, and an instructor you can talk to via email or chat rooms.

It's great! I've learned so much. Plus, you can learn at your own pace, and even take exams to get your Associate Webmaster certification or Certified Webmaster certification. What I really like is that once you take the courses you can always return and take them again, since they're constantly changing to keep up with changes in technology. I highly recommend WOW Academy to anyone and everyone who's interested in designing or maintaining web sites, or just those curious about how web sites work.

Linda P. says: Thanks to the WebYoda web site I was able to find the www.wowacademy.com site. I have enjoyed this class and look forward to completing all the class requirements for becoming a certified webmaster (or is that webmistress). The instructors are very helpful and I did enjoy the chat session very much. I hope everyone enjoys this site as much as I do. Thanks for the great interface at your web site.

Larry N. says: Excellent course. Having been in business years ago for myself, it was great to see so much input on the basic and most important essentials. At first, I truly felt, because of my past business experience, I could knock this course out in a week or less. But when I started getting into it, I found myself writing down a lot of excellent tips, facts, and info for future reference. Overall, I definitely, under-estimated how much great material there really is in your courses.

David D. says: I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you once again. Of all the different online training programs that I looked into, yours is the only one who replied promptly and with lots of useful information. Early this afternoon I signed up for all the courses! Tonight after I get off from work I shall embark upon this new learning experience. Thanks for all your help!

Robert B. says: I can't stress enough to people the importance of good, strong customer support and I want to Thank You Again for your very warm support. That!, is Rare!

Steve S. says: Again, I want to thank you for the great input and for taking the time to check around for the answers to my questions. It really is nice to cross paths with individuals who are as considerate and helpful as you have been. WOW Academy is very fortunate to have someone like you. Thank you for everything.

Marcia A. says: Thanks again for your help. The on-line courses through "wowacademy.com" are a real godsend, and I'm actually having fun doing the work. :-)

Felicia A. says: That really was a response beyond the call of duty and I really appreciate your input. My faith is a little better restored. Thanks so much for your help. It`s really made me feel much better.

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