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July 2013
WOW Academy to renew partnership with Honolulu Community College to offer online Webmaster training courses.

June 2013
WOW Academy and the WebYoda Foundation renew Webmaster training to schools in Jamaica.

January 2012
WOW Academy expands market with
the addition of a UK division at WebmasterCertification.co.uk

August 2011
WOW Academy now offers Webmaster training in Cozumel Mexico.

June 2011
WOW Academy offers free Webmaster training to inner city schools in the District of Philadelphia.


June 2010
WOW Academy and the WebYoda Foundation donates Webmaster training to schools in Jamaica.

December 2010
WOW Academy founder David Lowe visits Turkey & Eygpt to donate Webmaster training courses.

July 2008
WOW Academy to renew partnership with Honolulu Community College to offer online Webmaster training courses.

March 2007
WOW Academy becomes a certification neutral training and assessment partner. Learn More

June 2006
WOW Academy founder David Lowe chairs technical committee for Skills USA National Web Design Contest

May 2006
WOW Academy joins panel for PCATT summit to help define web professional standards for Hawaii's www development workplace.

March 2006
WOW Academy deploys new Web Professional training and certification options available for higher education sector.

January 2006
WOW Academy signs School District of Philadelphia as first district level training partner.

November 2005
WOW Academy participates in WOW Articulation Committee to define the future directions for Web technologies and training.

June 2005
WOW Academy founder David Lowe chairs technical committee for Skills USA National Web Design Contest

January 2005
WOW Academy provides free Web professional training for 100's of students in disaster stricken Indonesia.

Welcome to WOW Academy:
Welcome to WOW Academy, WebYoda's Online Webmaster (WOW) Academy. WOW Academy provides Webmaster and Web Design training, assessment, and certification options for both Online and Classroom students. Our mission is to foster Certified Web Professionals who are proficient, knowledgeable, business savvy webmasters.

Classroom Training Testimonial:
"The WOW Academy model has enabled us to prepare our students better by providing current Webmaster standards, assessment , training, and certification opportunities."
- Testimonial - Penny Haun, Hillsborough County Public Schools
WOW Academy provides World Organization of Webmasters WOW Training Courses
Classroom Students Classroom Training:
WOW Academy offers a turn-key solution for both secondary and higher education learning facilities who want to offer Webmaster and Web Designer classroom training that maps directly to the webmaster certifications offered by WebYoda, CIW, and the World Organization of Webmasters. Our training options include Webmaster and Web Designer courses, assessment, and certifications which clearly reflect a student's level of Webmaster competence and ability to contribute to the Internet community. Become a WOW Academy today and help us foster the Webmasters of tomorrow. (Learn more)
WOW Academy is a World Organization of Webmasters training partner

Online Student Testimonial: (Learn more)
"Excellent course. Having been in business years ago for myself, it was great to see so much input on the basic and most important essentials. At first, I truly felt, because of my past business experience, I could knock this course out in a week or less. But when I started getting into it, I found myself writing down a lot of excellent tips, facts, and info for future reference. Overall, I definitely, under-estimated how much great material there really is in your courses."
- Testimonial - Larry N., Online Student, Wenatchee, WA    
Certified Internet Webmaster CIW Certifications Online
Online Training: (Learn more)
Online Student WOW Academy online Webmaster courses map to the following nationally recognized Webmaster certifications (WAW), (WCW), (CWP), (CIW), (CAW), and (CWDSA). Our Webmaster and Web Design courses can be taken online moving at your own pace and working from the comfort of your own home. You will be assigned an instructor from our pool of certified Webmaster instructors to assist you as you move through the course materials. Certified Internet Webmaster CIW Certifications Online
Real Results: (View Results)
"For many years I was limited to print media design. With the training I received at WOW Academy I was able to expand my abilities and build professional Web interfaces. Thank you WOW Academy for showing me that there really is a difference between a Webmaster and a Web Professional."
- Testimonial - Kallen L., Online Student, Tallahassee, FL    
Certified Internet Webmaster CIW Certifications
If you are interested in our courses or exams, but still have questions. Please call us toll free.

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