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Classroom Training
WOW Academy offers Webmaster courses at affordable prices to training centers all over the world. Courses are offered at both secondary and higher education levels. Professionally train your Webmaster students by Becoming a WOW Academy Today.

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New WOW Academies
1. Samuel Fels High School
2. Academy of Information Technology
3. Ehove Career Center
4. Forsyth Technical Community College - Regional
5. Academy of Information Technology
6. Cecil County School of Technology
7. Burleson High School
Kathy W. says: From a teacher's point of view, the scope and sequence of the Webmaster curriculum offers the organization necessary to prepare students to enter the web technology field. The courses are state-of-the-art thus eliminating the "last year's out of date" textbook dilemma.. (more)

If you are interested in offering our courses, but still have questions. Please call us toll free.
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