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Cascading Style Sheets
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Name: Elvia Helmes
I have a B.S. in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and currently seeking an M.S. in Computer Information Systems. I own a web design company called GlobalNet Expressions based in Fairburn, GA. My background is in web design and worked as a webmaster for a Fortune 500 company. I have been teaching classes for WOW Academy since 2002 and took all of their courses to become certified before that. I am also the lead developer of the Spanish version of the courses currently being developed.

I am a US Citizen originally from Panama. I just recently moved to Atlanta from Orlando, FL. where I worked as a webmaster of a Fortune 500 company when I decided to get certified. Currently, I am one of the WOW Academy instructors and enjoy every minute of it.

This is the lead instructor for this course. Each course has multiple instructors.

Course Description
This course is one of the WOW Academy Webmaster Core Courses. The point of this courseware is to build Cascading Style Sheets from scratch and not become dependent on a Cascading Style Sheets editor. This course reveals the basic features of Cascading Style Sheets that you will actually use on a regular basis, presented from the point of view of Web developer professionals who have already determined which fundmental features are the most useful. Topics covered in this course are listed below.

Course Details
Course #:  4223099
Course Name:  Cascading Style Sheets
Exam Track(s):  (WAW) (CWP) (CIW) (CAW) (CWDSA)
Course Cost:  $127.00 $95.00 Limited Time Offer
Author:  WebYoda, Inc.
Student Rating:  
Prerequisites:  Advanced XHTML

Course Syllabus
 CSS1 vs. CSS2
 Inline Styles
 About Pixels "px"
 Using <div> and <span>
 Background Color and Images
 Text Color, Alignment, and Indentation
 Text Spacing, Decoration, and Case Control
 Font Family, Size, Bold, and Italic
 Padding, Borders, and Margins
   Border Compatibility
 Lists and Forms
 Float, Position, and Layers
 Classes, IDs, and Style Sheets
 Backward Compatibility
 CSS Comments
 Style Inheritance
 CSS Special Effects
 CSS Best Practices

Course Textbook
Title   : Eric Meyer on CSS
Author: Eric Meyer

Course Textbook The recommended course textbook book is a great supplement to this course as it contains a series of real-life scenarios that allow you to immediately start applying the CSS you will learn in this course. The projects get increasing more advanced as the book progresses, which makes delving in deeper much less painful than it might be, because you have an expert guide providing reliable tips and warnings the whole way.
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